This website aims to deliver valuable content, enabling seniors to address challenges head-on. Moreover, it serves as a spotlight for businesses dedicated to assisting seniors, showcasing their unique contributions. Our core mission is to unite and uplift our community by highlighting essential services available to our elderly. At SaScoop, we believe that Seniors Can Overcome Obstacles Proactively.


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Welcome! I’m Denise Jaworski, the proud founder of Abundant Staffing and Abundant Hospice, nestled right in the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

With 17 rich years in the senior living sector, I’ve dedicated my life to supporting our elders during the pivotal moments of their aging journey. My deep-seated passion for this began in my formative years. Growing up, I watched my father, a minister, extend his hand to console and support the elderly, while my mother, a dedicated nurse, cared for seniors in nursing homes. These experiences shaped my belief that serving seniors is more than just a job — it’s my calling.


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